Baby & Maternity Photography & Videography

by Jodie Louise

Capture the most powerful & sacred moment of your life

The journey into being a mother is such a transformational time & there are so many beautiful moments on this journey which are powerful to capture & hold on forever. I will be there to capture these sacred moments that happen all so fast.

If you choose to capture the entire story of your little angel’s arrival, you can combine newborn, birth, & maternity photography in one package.

baby & pregnancy photography
baby & pregnancy photography

Maternity photography – your special time!

This is your sacred time – the time you become a mum!!!

Seeing your body change is such a gift that passes by so quickly. Capturing these moments is priceless & it’s a beautiful gem to show your future children, so they can see what they looked like inside your wonderful belly.

Maternity photography celebrates the beauty of maternity, allowing you to look back on how beautiful you looked when you were pregnant. 

For maternity photography, it is suggested between 32-36 weeks.

Capture the sacred moments of your baby blessings with your sisters

A once in a lifetime event, celebrating new life! Capture the gifts & blessings so you can cherish & hold those moments close to your heart. I love to get as many flowers as possible & have your sisters cover you in them. Some women even have their bellies painted! Whatever blessing you & your sisters have planned, I would love to be there to capture this special memory!

baby & pregnancy photography
baby & pregnancy photography

Birth photography – capturing the coming to life

It’s so magical to see life come to this planet & be the first to capture those moments of birth. It is such a sacred portal that I truly honour. I understand the delicacy of this moment & how we must feel truly comfortable together.

Births happen so quickly, & become hazy over time by the hormones of labour, so having me there to capture these moments is beautiful to look back & remember the incredibly unique moment of when you brought life to this planet! Your beautiful little angel!

What about the timings for birth? Well, that’s never easy as it’s not ever fully predicted – what’s important is to be in close communication as much as possible. I have missed way more births than I have captured so this is something to be mindful of – we can do our best, but only fate decides if this special moment will be captured.

Newborn photography – capture your little angels first moments alive

The first few weeks of motherhood pass by all too quickly. I will be there to capture these special moments & freeze them in time for you to look back on. Babies are only so little for such a short time, newborn photography is precious, truly something to treasure for the rest of your life.

Prepare a few outfits & some cute toys. Also decide if you want to invite your partner, close friends or family to come along; or maybe you just want to make this all about you & your baby.

Shoots can be in the comfort of your own home or we can explore potential ideas that are as easeful for you as possible.

For newborn & baby photography timing is really up to you, whenever you feel called to capture your little one’s essence to the fullest. However it’s best to shoot when they are in a good mood, don’t need to feed etc. Take some time to get to know your baby’s schedule & then let’s make a time. Some mommas want to do a few shoots in the first few months to capture how fast your pride & joy is growing.

baby & pregnancy photography
baby & pregnancy photography

Family photography – frame your joy

I love to create stunning portraits of your family that capture your natural smiles, joy, unconditional love & cheekiness!

Children grow really fast, so having these precious memories on photos or film is such a gift for you to cherish & for your children to look back to as well.

We can do this shoot in the comfort of your own home, your favourite place to take the children to play or a gorgeous beach. The best time of day is always morning or afternoon if you can weave this into your busy mummy schedule.

A little bit about me…

Hi, I am Jodie Louise!

I have been photographing & filming maternity shoots, baby blessings, births, new born baby shoots & families for a few years now & have more than 10 years experience as a photographer & videographer around the world… I love doing this so so so so much!

It’s a huge passion of mine to capture today’s precious memories for people to relive them forever! I really love maternity photography.

I form such a deep connection with the families I photograph & film. I love being part of the journey, watching them grow & forming lasting relationships with beautiful couples & babies that I get to meet & now call friends. It’s so magical to see these bundles of joy grow & to capture these truly special moments.

I am not yet a mumma, but I adore children & they love me too. Being part of these special moments is so rewarding for me as well. I truly feel blessed!



Here are some of my previous maternity, pregnancy & newborn photoshoots for you to have a look at, so you can have a glimpse of my style


What to expect for the fullest alignment?

After you book we’ll find the time to chat together to create an inspirational mood-board to get a feel of what you are desiring. (See some previous boards already created on my Pinterest)

Then we will find the perfect dream location for you to really be able to let go & make you & your little one feel absolutely comfortable & at ease (that is if they have arrived yet).

Before the shoot, when we first meet-up or have a call, we’ll take a moment to connect. It’s important for me that you feel held & supported during this process.

During the shoot we will experience joy, laughter & connection, allowing your magic & your motherly love to be captured in different angles & expressions. Communicating throughout the entire shoot to ensure you are all feeling absolutely comfortable. 

After the shoot the editing begins. Keep in mind that you have the open opportunity to request any changes/edits which you may desire, I want to ensure you feel your intention & family essence being emanated within the photos.

Walk away from this family & new-born photography experience with powerful, high-quality photos that capture the beauty of you & your family.

baby & pregnancy photography
baby & pregnancy photography

What should you bring with you?

– An open heart, ready to showcase a new, powerful version of yourself & phase of your life, being a mumma!

– A selection of your favourite items of clothing for both you & your little one

– Any props you desire to weave into your photos

– Something to drink – don’t forget about yourself – stay hydrated!

– Anything that your baby might need – diapers, milk, his/her favourite toy


Never had a photoshoot before?

No worries, love. I’ll be there to guide you into the poses, the angles & the creative expressions to support you in embodying your natural beauty & grace with poise & confidence! I’ll be there to make both you & your baby feel safe & comfortable. Together, we’ll create an experience to remember as you express your motherhood & your magic on a whole new level.

How to prepare?

A few tips to receive the most out of this experience:

– Make sure you & your baby are feeling well-rested. I know this is hard during the first months, but it’s helpful if your little one is in the best mood – rested & fed.

– Decide how to style you & your angel in advance

– Bring a couple of changes of clothes just in case

– Prepare everything ahead of time – like props etc

“There is something sacred about the moments that come with a new life – the first breaths, the first cries, the first time a mother holds her child.”


“Jodie is an incredible maternity/newborn photographer. Not only is she amazing in capturing special moments, but she knows how to fade into the background energetically so you don’t feel overwhelmed or shy in front of her camera lens even in your most intimate moments. Her photos are gorgeous from an artistic standpoint, but what I loved even more was how much she brings out the authentic woman in you. Jodie is passionate about women’s empowerment, and it definitely shows through in her work. I can only recommend her enough!”


“Jodie took beautiful pregnancy & newborn photos with us! The shoot was so natural and effortless, and that shows in the photos. It can be tough to capture a newborn but Jodie was so patient and creative, it was easeful.”

sara adolfsen
“I’ve done several shoots with Jodie and in fact, I even hired her to film the homebirth of our baby last year! Since day one, I’ve felt I can trust her and this is why I was confident about her being present at this very vulnerable moment in our lives witnessing the birth of our son from behind the camera. 🤍💫 During photoshoots Jodie holds space in a beautiful way and she has a gift of capturing the essence of every moment. She has always listened and been open to all my visions and wishes. Working with her is beautiful and effortless.✨🙏🏼❤️ So much love xx”
Sara Adolfsen

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