1-1 sessions to support you to rise…

I’m on a mission to support women to bring more love, health & abundance into their lives.

Through my personal development journey, I’ve learned many effective tools & strategies to reclaim my power, reconnect with my body & create the life of my dreams.

Since turning my life around, I have:

  • Healed 95% of my psoriasis
  • Overcome severe digestive issues
  • Fallen deeply in love with my body
  • Built up a successful online business
  • Cleared my painful acne
  • Beat anxiety & depression
  • Traveled the world thanks to my business
  • Reduced inflammation in my body
  • Built up a strong immune system
  • Created abundance in every area of my life

Connect with me for a 30-min FREE discovery call to explore how I can best guide you to rise into your greatest & most magical version of yourself.

I can support you to:

  • Discover mindful & inutitive eating to develop a deeper connection with your body & hunger cues
  • Start a detox program to feel better in your body
  • Take control of your thoughts & emotions to fully lead from your heart
  • Fall in love with your beautiful bodyblossom like the flower that you are
  • Build your dream business
  • Be able to listen to your intuition & use it as a powerful guiding force
  • Turn on your sexual power, cultivate your energy & own your desires
  • Gain more confidence in sharing your voice, offerings & gifts
  • Overcome food addictions & emotional eating
  • Improve your communication in relationships through authentic relating
  • Attract friendships & relationships in line with your morals & ethics
  • Bring more abundance in all areas of your life

Rise with me sister… My 1-1 sessions are customised to support you with the tools I have gained on my journey to create the life of my dreams!

My journey

For years I suffered with acne, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, psoriasis & low energy. As depression for over 10 years with severe anxiety. This spiral led to me attracting abusive relationships, toxic connections & traumatic experiences.

My addictions for food, work, partying, and men were avoidant strategies to suppress my pain. I was living without purpose, miserable & unhealthy.

This led me on a journey where I saw hundreds of different practitioners, read endless books & trained in various courses. My days turned into a beautiful exploration into nutrition, detox, alternative diets & various self-development techniques.

Now my life continues to get better & better every day. Without this self-discovery journeyI wouldn’t have had the tools I gained along the wayI now see it all as a blessing because I can guide others from this suffering.

Work with me

I’ve supported hundreds of women to live the life of their dreams! As a coach & mentor, I’d love to guide you to do the same.

I offer 1-1 sessions that are customised just for you! I can support you to learn how to detox, embody self-love tools, overcome addictions, how to eat intuitively, have healthy relationships, attract abundance, cultivate sexual energy, setting up a new business & so much more!

In addition to my 1-1 sessions, I also have a few other offerings that might interest you, including my Bloom Mentorship Program.



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For the past 3 months, Jodie has guided me on my detox journey and to myself. I now make better choices in what to consume as I listen to my body. I eat without any guilt as I understand what my body needs. I am so grateful to have found you Jodie!

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Working with Jodie has been a transformational experience. For me, Jodie felt like so much more than just a coach. She is there for you, always, with so much love, understanding, and support. She is such a pure and radiant being and has so much wisdom and love to offer. Through working with Jodie I have rediscovered my own divine wisdom. I feel so connected to my body again. Appreciating every part of me, trusting my own guidance system!

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Jodie Louise is incredible to work with. She has a beautiful way of guiding others that I feel supported and guided on every step of my journey. She has such an extensive knowledge on so many topics I have been able to heal part of my mind, body and soul on so many different levels and in so many different ways. I can’t express how much she has helped me over time. She is the best!

“Loving yourself in all ways is the bravest thing you will ever do.”

Are you ready to rise?

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